True Spies - Shana Galen

This one was quite interesting. They were married before and had a child. Their marriage was a fairly loveless one with Winn spending a good deal of time away. This was one of the most angsty and heartwrenching couples I have come across recently. Their journey towards a reunion was quite remarkable. It wasn't easy but getting there was quite interesting.


I really liked this one. I enjoyed the angst. I always do. But I find that a good angsty romance is better when the hero and heroine have an intense connection--not just a huge pile of angsty, emotastic emotions based on nothing but tears and whimpers-- and Elinor and Winn did. I also enjoyed the mystery and spy plots. They kept me interested and were very well done. I don't know if this one is going on my favorites list but it was definitely a great read and I am looking forward to the next one in the series.