A Risk Worth Taking - Heather Hildenbrand

I have just gotten into New Adult and I'm really loving each and every book I've picked up so far. It's just like with Steampunk. I am so far behind everyone and I am left to figure out what I have been missing. And apparently, I have been missing a lot.


The conflict between Ford's easy peasy personality and Summer's tentative/terrified approach to love was one of the greatest parts of this book. Summer approached a relationship with Ford like you would approach a landmine. I could see why. She was more type-A and very cautious about relationships because of her parents and Ford was just willing to go where the wind took him. It was quite interesting to watch them try to acclimate to each other.


This one started out a bit slow. It took me a while to get into it and make a connection to the characters but once I did I couldn't put the book down. This was also coincidentally, the first book I read on my Kobo Aura (that review will be posted this week as well). The writing was excellent, the storytelling was excellent and I loved both Summer and Ford. I loved this book. There is nothing else to say.

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