My Lady Quicksilver - Bec McMaster

I always enjoy it when it the hero who falls buttass in love with the heroine. Usually it's the heroine with the stronger feelings and the heroes being all manly and detached. It was the complete opposite with Jasper. He was a smoosh when it came to Rosalind and I found it so endearing. I also loved how it was a slow build with Jasper and Rosalind. It took time and it was gradual but when it!


Bec McMaster is awesome. I mean it. She's absolutely amazing. She singlehandedly converted me to a lover of Steampunk. I was a pure skeptic until I read 1st book in series. The world she creates is wonderfully detailed and beautifully written and I love how she weaves the paranormal aspect into her story. Lady Quicksilver is no different. It's excellent.