A Song at Twilight - Pamela Sherwood

This was an angsty one in a not so bad way. It wasn't painful to get through even though they had their moments. I just loved how Sophie and Robin acted like two mature adults. They didn't throw fits or have an epic big misunderstanding even though their situation would have warranted it. They also had their sweet moments and just the right amount of angst to make it interesting.


I just loved this book to bits and pieces. I loved both Sophie and Robin. They had such perfect chemistry and worked so well together-even though their situation kind of sucked. They had a deep connection that was both gut-wrenching and sweet at the same time (if that's even possible). The pacing of the story was spot-on. It was slow but it wasn't watching the grass grow type of slow. It was perfect---I could go on and on about this one—so I am just going to say that Pamela Sherwood is going on the auto-buy list. 

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